Alex Kolody started bass fishing at the young age of 3 years old with his dad. At the Age of 14 he fished in his first tournament with a local bass club and took 8th place which cashed a $100 check. From this point forward he was hooked and tournament bass fishing was the only thing on his mind, which still remains true to this day! In his second year of fishing at the club level he won the non-boater of the year award. The 3rd year with the local club he finished 3rd in the overall points standing as a boater, by winning 3 of the events, taking a 2nd place at one and two 3rd place finishes at others. Alex only fished 8 of the 9 events that season because he had to graduate from high school! A 1 lb difference separated 3rd place and 1st place in the points standings that year! Alex has 3 2nd place finishes in the FLW BFL's, and one 2nd place finish in the ESPN BASS Weekend series (along with other multiple top 20 finishes out of 100 plus boater fields). He has qualified for regionals in this level 6 times, which means he was in the top 30 in the overall point standings. Not only has he made a name for himself in the tournament world but in 2012 he began working with TFO Industries and Blue Lakes Media and is currently producing two TV shows - Lunkerbite TV and Empire State Fishing